The Estate of Rev. George Tarvin

Rev. George Tarvin died early in 1813 in Bracken Co., Kentucky, reportedly from injuries sustained in a grist mill accident. He was about 69 years old at his death. He apparently had no will and in executing his estate, his widow, Mary Wood Tarvin, followed probate procedures of the time. In the February 1813 Court, she was granted, along with John Latham, administration of his estate.

Ref: Bracken County Order Book A, p. 364.

This process took several years to complete. Several documents were filed with the probate court of Bracken County. The inventory of personal effects was completed quickly but not filed until August 1813. An auction sale of property was conducted under direction of the court, called vendue (but spelled here "vandue"). The vendue was completed in February 1813 and presented in the March 1813 court. Finally, the settlement of the account was delayed until 1816, probably to collect on the auction sales. The estate commissioners attempted to file the final settlement in September 1816, but it was postponed and finally filed in November 1816, accepted by the December 1816 court.

Ref: Bracken County Order Book A, p. 447.

Ref: Bracken County Order Book A, p. 447.

These three filings in the Bracken County court records are reproduced and transcribed here. To see a larger version of the court record, double-click on the image.

View all three documents: Inventory, Auction, and Settlement.


Citation: Bracken County Will Book B, pp. 33-34.
Settlement of estate of Josiah Morford not transcribed here.
We the commissioners appointed by the county court of
Bracken to settle the Estate of George Tarvin decd. pro-
ceed this 4th day of Sept 1816 but for want of the proper
items postpone commence again this 27th November 1816.
We find the amount of sails to be $348.31¼cents.

A list of claims against as follows

 [Left column] 
Newland & Baskim for coffin $10.00  
Dr. Donaphan charge 10.00  
George Martin to charge2.00  
John Bennett Esq. for services2.00  
Wm Currents account10.70¼
Wm Carter as appraiser1.00  
Edward Campbells acct5.80  
TS Thurstons Armstrongs acct4.62¼
Abraham Pattersons acct10.00  
George Reece account2.00  
Dr. G Mackey acct9.00  
George Reece account2.00  
 [Right column] 
Abram Baker acct $2.00  
Edward Poe note45.00  
James Flora acct 1.87½
Adam Pigmas [Paynes?] acct 3.88½
John Payne fee Bill 11.82½
Arthur Thomas acct29.62½
Abram Backer acct 3.37½
Josep [Isaac?] Poes Note122.78  
Carter and Bradford}
as commrs}
Administration charge    25.00  
 $ 311.43¼
The amount of sails$ 348.32¼
The amount of claims$ 311.43¼
Balance$ 36.89  
Widow Tarvins Dowry12 29½
Surpolus with the Adm 24 60½
The report we now make as commission
ers this 27th November 1816
Solomon Carter
William Bradford
Bracken County December court 1816
The foregoing settlement of the Estate of George
Tarvin by the commissioners was this day
Returned unto court and being examined was
ordered to be recorded. Att. John Payne C.B.C.

The short will recorded next is not transcribed.

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