Marriage Returns of Reverend George Tarvin

Information portrayed below has been assembled from county records of Mason, Fleming, and Bracken Counties, Kentucky. Other published extractions include Marriage Returns of George Tarvin of Mason County, Kentucky contributed by Mrs. Lola Reed Boss, Maysville, Kentucky, published in The Kentucky Genealogist.

Mason County, August Court, 1796: "George Tarvin produced credentials of his Ordination and also of his being in regular Communion with the Dunkard Church took the Oath of Allegiance to this Commonwealth by an Act of Assembly entitled an Act to regulate the solemnization of marriage and that he is hereby authorized to celebrate the rites of matrimony agreeable to the forms and customs of the said church between any persons to him regularly applying therefor with this State upon his giving security in the office." Jacob Hoensaker signed as his surety.

Ref: Kentucky Genealogist Vol. 10 #1 Jan-Mar 1968

Marriage Returns of George Tarvin of the Dunkard Faith

General Notes: Dates given here are uncertain due to several factors. First, they were not reported sometimes for months to the county clerk. Second, often banns were read in church for several weeks before the marriage ceremony, which may not have occured on the date previously announced. Third, errors in reading the record and transcribing the dates have certainly crept into this data. Corrections are welcome. To sort this data in a different order, click on a column title. Names are sorted by last name.

Rev. George Tarvin died in early 1813, and these records indicate he continued to work until shortly before he died.

Groom Bride Date CountyComment
Richard Tarvin   Sarah Armstrong2-23-1796   Mason   4. Richard. This is apparently Rev. George's first marriage,
performed before he presented credentials to Mason Co.
Isaac Peterson   Anne Johnston1-21-1797   Mason  
David Evans   Susannah Collins1-22-1797   Mason  
David Clarke   Margaret Oliver2-2-1797   Mason  
David Clinkenbeard   Margaret Morgan2-23-1797   Mason  
John Lynville   Elizabeth Shehan4-12-1797   Mason  
Alexander Myers   Rebecca Parker6-7-1797   Mason  
Abraham Welch   Margaret Shirley6-9-1797   Mason  
Thomas Lock   Mary Demos7-17-1797   Mason  
Willoughby Stewart   Sarah Powell8-6-1797   Mason  
Ephraim Bowen   Hannah Hale8-29-1797   Mason  
John Callan   Anney Thompson [Simpson]9-14-1797   Mason   Bride is probably Hannah "Annie" Simpson, daughter of Benjamin Simpson and
Nancy Ann Tarvin Simpson, and thus niece to Rev. George.
Samuel Little   Mary Newcomb9-17-1797   Mason  
Eleazar Cowgill   Jane McFarlin11-10-1797   Mason   Elisha Cowgill's son Eleazer married Jane MacFarlane.
Thomas Beath   Elizabeth Crawford1-16-1798   Mason  
Samuel Cracraft   Mary Dawson1-30-1798   Mason   Groom is son of Thomas Craycraft and hence a nephew to Rev. George.
John Shehan   Ruth Rubert1-30-1798   Mason  
James Callan   Ann Wells2-23-1798   Mason  
Phillip Wiggins   Comfort Covalt3-2-1798   Mason  
Rueben Gill   Elizabeth Chapman4-26-1798   Mason  
Archibald McFarland   Charlotte Donivan5-9-1798   Mason  
Benj. Leech   Tabia Tennis9-15-1798   Mason  
John Murphy   Margaret Briton10-22-1798   Mason  
William Green   Nilly Price12-21-1798   Mason  
Elijah Galliway   Nancy West1-4-1799   Mason  
William Oden   Sary Metcalfe1-12-1799   Mason  
John Morgan   Priscilla Parker1-19-1799   Mason  
William Devin   Mary Harris2-2-1799   Mason  
Richard Doggett   Elizabeth Sullivan2-18-1799   Mason  
Abraham Sels   Elizabeth Mayes4-14-1799   Mason  
Samuel Davis   Nancy Flora4-18-1799   Mason   Bride is cousin of Debora Flora, who married 1. Thomas Tarvin. Groom may also be called James.
Joseph Tarvin   Mary Cowgill6-27-1799   Mason   3. Joseph, son of Rev. George Tarvin. Bride is daughter of Elisha Cowgill.
Thomas Cracraft   Elizabeth Tarvin6-30-1799   Mason   6. Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. George Tarvin and Sarah Craycraft.
Groom is son of Thomas Craycraft and Rebecca Mann.
Bride and groom are first cousins.
Robert Bratton   Betsy Purcell7-30-1799   Mason  
John Smith   Violet Buckhannan8-3-1799   Mason  
John Harmon   Catherine Miller9-18-1799   Mason  
Samuel Helm   Phoebe Watson11-2-1799   Mason  
Henry Sparr   Elizabeth Howard12-4-1799   Mason  
James Judd   Polley Newland1-6-1800   Mason  
Thomas Blackburn   Hannan Kenard4-1-1800   Mason  
John Seeley   Jane-B. Jamison5-29-1800   Mason  
John Rairdon   Catherine Shaw5-30-1800   Mason  
William Allen   Irma Jackson2-12-1801   Fleming  
John Burk   Katy Sously10-4-1801   Fleming   date uncertain
Jacob-Jr. Herter   Catharine Hiddy6-8-1804   Fleming  
Joseph Sims   Amelia Watkins6-30-1804   Fleming  
George Hillicose   Elizabeth Morgan8-28-1804   Fleming  
Abio Dillin   Judith Newcomb9-24-1804   Fleming  
John Hamilton   Rebecca Lee11-14-1804   Fleming  
Joseph Gregg   Sally Donovan11-30-1804   Fleming  
Abner Gregg   Margey Hogskin1-22-1805   Fleming  
John Perry   Catharine Zomer3-16-1805   Fleming  
James Collins   Peggy Wood11-13-1805   Fleming  
John Havanz   Polly More11-13-1805   Fleming  
Lawrence Wheeler   Sibbel Dawson4-8-1806   Mason  
Frances Kelley   Elizabeth Earley4-30-1806   Fleming  
_________ Leforge   Hannah Hues5-27-1806   Fleming  
John Moore   Abigail Hiflin7-16-1806   Fleming  
John McKee   Martha Parks7-16-1806   Fleming  
George Revez   Nancy Hiady8-3-1806   Fleming  
William Day   Mary Sims8-26-1806   Fleming  
David Southerland   Isabelle Cockran10-18-1806   Fleming  
Joshua Ridgeway   Mary Purnel10-23-1806   Fleming  
Jackson Harman   Mary Tarvin1-23-1807   Fleming   9. Mary, daughter of Rev. George.
Guyon McKee   Mary Harp2-15-1807   Fleming  
Reuben Cracraft   Melinda Watson3-15-1807   Mason   Groom is son of Thomas Craycraft and hence a nephew to Rev. George.
Charles Newcomb   Elizabeth Wood6-13-1807   Fleming  
Jason Triby   Sarah Tarvin7-16-1807   Fleming   11. Sarah, daughter of Rev. George
John Knap   Polly McDolall10-12-1807   Fleming  
Benjamin Smith   Betsy Constant12-3-1807   Fleming  
Thomas Kelly   Hulday Shockley2-16-1808   Fleming  
Stephen Jones   Nancy Spencer4-14-1808   Fleming  
James Wood   Mary Jackson4-14-1808   Fleming  
John McCall   Elizabeth Myers7-30-1808   Fleming  
John Mies   Ann Franklin9-6-1808   Fleming  
Malheas Davis   Rebecca Gregg9-13-1808   Fleming  
James Gray   Hannah Franklin10-1-1808   Fleming  
Jacob Crisman   Mary Plank10-4-1808   Fleming  
Asa Reeves   Susannah Hidak10-11-1808   Fleming  
Phillip Maines   Mary Wood1-6-1810   Bracken  
George Tarvin   Kessiah Harman5-10-1810   Fleming   10. George, son of Rev. George.
Richard West   Mary McCain7-15-1810   Bracken  
Martin Fishback   Sophia Hanson9-27-1810   Bracken  
James Wood   Katy Maines10-12-1810   Bracken  
Reuben Smith   Pattey Cowgall3-12-1811   Bracken   5.1 Martha "Patsy" Cowgill, granddaughter of Rev. George.
May actually be Mason Co.
William Weaver   Rachel York7-28-1811   Bracken  
George Flora   Susanna Reese8-1-1811   Bracken  
Henry Breuner   Nelley Dillman8-2-1811   Bracken  
John Delany   Esther Cambridge10-30-1811   Bracken  
Isaac Bartlow   Ruth Tarvin11-28-1811   Bracken   1.2 Ruth, granddaughter of Rev. George.
Joseph Frakes   Betsy Henry12-15-1811   Bracken  
Aaron Baker   Nancy Pell12-17-1811   Bracken  
George Speece   Polly Wright2-4-1812   Bracken  
Samuel Rower   Katherine Dillman3-5-1812   Bracken  
Jesse Harry   Rachel York3-10-1812   Bracken  
John Rusk   Polly Whaley3-15-1812   Bracken   Possibly 2.3 Polly, granddaughter of Rev. George
William Pill   Lurica Weatherington3-17-1812   Bracken  
Enos Harland   Jane Gorman3-19-1812   Bracken  
Michael Dillman   Peggy Turner4-9-1812   Bracken  
William McDonale   Ruth McFadden5-27-1812   Bracken  
George Tarvin   Rachel Rhodes7-10-1812   Bracken   10. George, whose first wife died, son of Rev. George.
Michael Sellers   Katy Cowell10-27-1812   Bracken  
Samuel Shrud   Sally Holliday11-19-1812   Bracken  

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