Tarvin Migrations in the Nineteenth Century

by Gary Hoffman

The Tarvin family is particularly strong in the Northern Kentucky area because that is where Rev. George Tarvin settled in 1794 with his 13 children. Many descendants of these Tarvin families still live in that area today, but, in time, many Tarvins were caught up in the general "westering" of America. Some of the migrations of the descendants of Rev. George Tarvin have been assembled into a chart to illustrate the regions that Tarvins spread into. It is interesting how many cousins seemed to have moved to adjacent regions, creating "pockets" of Tarvins around the country. This data was gleaned from the recently-published Tarvin books and other sources and is tentative. If you have information to update these migration patterns, please send in your contribution.

Tarvin No. Tarvin Descendant and Spouse Date Destination
John Wiggins Flora
Isabelle Jane Herndon
About 1898 Ford Co., Illinois
1.2.1 James Bartlow
Rebecca West
Before 1860 Marysville, Marshall Co., Kansas
1.2.3 Priscilla E. Silverthorn
Widow of (1) Squire T. Bartlow, d. 1858
Md (2) John W. Whitaker
About 1859 Spencer Co., Indiana
1.2.4 Raleigh Dement Bartlow
(1) Mary Elizabeth Carmack (1829-1861), 6 children
(2) Sarah Brownlee (1844-1938), 3 children
Between 1858 and 1861 Brown Co., Kansas
1.3.4 (1.3.3) James Franklin Truesdell
Jerusha Ann Dunlop
1867 Dayton, Ohio
1.3.7 (1.3.6) Harmon Blanchard Truesdell
Anna Nickelson
Before 1861 Adams Co., Illinois
William Isaac "Ingram" Newman
Ruth Parish
Before 1873 Roberts, Ford Co., Illinois
Thomas E. Newman
(1) Sarah Jane Bartlow (d. 1848), 1 child
(2) Isabelle Ratliffe, 12 children
abt 1872 Roberts, Ford Co., Illinois
George Washington Tarvin
Ann S. Hicks
1865 Marshall Co., Kansas
Parthena H. Tarvin
Widow of (1) Edmund H. Tarvin, d. 1854
(2) Zeno Sleeth
1854 Shelby Co., Indiana Richard Whitney Tarvin
Mary Lovina Sleeth, d. 1881
abt 1881
Clay Co., Nebraska
Marshall Co., Kansas
Clay Co., Nebraska
Hitchcock Co., Nebraska
1.5.10 Edmund Byron Tarvin
Nancy A. Reed
1870 Marysville, Marshall Co., Kansas
1.6.1 Seneca Madison Tarvin
Anna Marie Edwards
South Dakota
1.6.3 Amzi Tarvin After 1865
After 1870
Omaha, Nebraska
Gentry Co., Missouri
1.6.5 Deborah Ann Hale Tarvin
J.J. Kiser
After 1866
About 1879
Des Moines, Iowa
Gentry Co., Missouri
1.6.6 Mary Hester Tarvin
Allen Nickols
After 1865 Indiana
1.9.1 Alonzo Tarvin After 1865 Marshall Co., Kansas
James Harvey Tarvin
Rachel Augusta McArthur
1880 Fannin Co., Texas
Collin Co., Texas  
2.2 Cassandra Whaley's widower
Andrew Woods and second wife
About 1836 Richland Co., Illinois
3.6 George L. Tarvin 1835
before 1838
Campbell Co., Kentucky
3.6.7 George Commodore Tarvin
Mary Jennifer Chandler/Nora Mahaffey
1893 Cincinatti, Ohio
3.6.8 Emma Lee Tarvin
Around 1870 Butler Co., Ohio
3.7 Josephus Leander Tarvin
Nancy Ellen Weaver
1853 Clay Co., Indiana
3.8.2 John T. Tarvin Mid 1800 Clermont Co., Ohio
3.8.5 Andrew Jackson Tarvin Before 1916 Mason Co., Illinois
3.10 Nancy Tarvin
Stephen Ward
1867 Carroll Co., Missouri
4.1.4 Frederick Klete Tarvin
Elizabeth Yelton
Abt 1871 Marion Co., Illinois
4.2.2 Elisha Burritt Gray
Margaretta Rachel McDowell
Abt 1850 Venango Co., Pennsylvania Anne Cynthia Gray
James Patton Newell
Abt 1876 Jasper Co., Missouri
4.3 Peter J. Hayman
Ann T. Nancy Tarvin
Abt 1840 Lewis Co., Missouri
5 Ann Stanton Tarvin
Elisha Cowgill, Jr.
Abt 1830 Putnam Co., Indiana
6 Elizabeth Tarvin, widow of
Thomas Craycraft
abt 1855 Madison Co., Indiana
7.1 Elisha C. Parish
Rebecca Maxwell
1870 Marysville, Marshall Co., Kansas
7.1.3 William Orlando Parish 1865 Floyd Co., Indiana
7.3 Richard Tarvin Parish 1834
Cass Co., Indiana
Campbell Co., Kentucky to remarry
7.4 Thomas W. Parish 1869 Sullivan Co., Indiana
7.6 William B. Parish
Emeline McDowell
1840 Floyd Co., Indiana (married)
8 Robert Freyer Carnahan
Rebecca Tarvin
abt 1830 Daviess Co., Indiana
10 George Tarvin's widow,
Rachel Rhodes
After 1836
Putnam Co., Indiana
Vigo Co., Indiana Mabel Phillips
Francis Lloyd Ferguson
Marion Co., Missouri
New Orleans, Louisiana
St. Louis, Missouri  
10.3 George Washington Tarvin
(2) Amelia Jane Bowles
Adams Co., Ohio
Putnam Co/Vigo Co., Indiana
Missouri by way of Cass Co., Illinois
Barry Co., Missouri  
10.3.9 Barbara Allen Tarvin
Christopher Columbus Compton
Greene Co., Missouri
Barry, Newton, McDonald, Jasper Cos., Missouri
Afton, Oklahoma
10.5 Sarah C. Tarvin
Thomas A Foxworthy
Moved with mother to Putnam Co., Indiana
Cass Co., Illinois James Alexander Conyers
Mary Catherine Jackson
About 1884 Kearney Co., Nebraska
10.5.2 George Washington Foxworthy
Elenora Parker
After 1865 Newton Co., then Hickory Co., Missouri
10.5.6 Thomas Zebedee Foxworthy
Caroline Hone
After 1865 Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana
10.6 Ann Stanton C. Tarvin
David Green Wilson
Married 1838 Putnam Co., Indiana
10.8 John C. Tarvin 1837
Moved with mother to Putnam Co., Indiana
In Pike Co., Indiana with 10.4 Elisha
Greene Co., Missouri
San Diego, California  
10.8.1 Erasmus Manford Tarvin 1876
Left Hand, Boulder Co., Colorado
San Diego, California
11.2 Nancy Tribby
Silas Gardner
After 1848 Rush Co., Indiana
11.4 George T. Tribby's widow,
Nancy Myers
1865 Montgomery Co., Indiana
11.5 Christina Tribby
Richard A. Phillips
1852 Montgomery Co., Indiana
11.6 William T. Tribby
Mahala Myers
1860 Tippecanoe Co., Indiana
Rebecca Tribby
William Wilson Carnahan
Married 1839 Daviess Co., Indiana
11.8 John G. Tribby's sons:
Mark, William, John
1876-1880-1886 Cass Co., Missouri
11.12 Nancy C. Tribby
Thomas Phillips
1852 Montgomery Co., Indiana
11.15 James W. Tribby
Minerva Mers
(Divorced and both remarried.)
1866-1869 Rush Co., Indiana
12 Sabina Tarvin
Archibald Mann
14 children
About 1835 Shelby Co., Indiana
12.1 Keturah Reddick Mann
Andrew Jackson Joyce
15 children
About 1835
About 1870
Shelby Co., Indiana
Barton Co., Missouri
12.7 David O. Mann
(1) Margaret Collins
(2) Eliza Ellen Negley
About 1835
About 1870
About 1875
Shelby Co., Indiana
12.14 Benjamin Franklin Mann
(1) Caroline Dennis
(2) Emma Bishop
About 1835
Shelby Co., Indiana
Barton Co., Missouri
13.5 Sarah Hicks
Barnet Terhune
About 1860 Henry Co., Indiana
13.6 Delila B. Hicks
Barnet Terhune
About 1863 Henry Co., Indiana

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